A bold challenge


The Plastic Bottle Boat Challenge was launched in 2017 as a way of educating children about single use plastics. This ambitious global project was to incorporate a World Record Attempt, an educational portal where teachers can access and share relevant STEM educational materials, and a directory of venues free water sports taster sessions for children.

To bring together these three elements in a fun and engaging website required careful planning: the website needed to be easily navigable by both children and teachers, to clearly distinguish between the various aspects of the challenge, and to reflect growing engagement and build momentum towards Challenge day.

Mapping the user experience

We were thrilled to consult on the project from the start, mapping the user journeys as a jumping off point so that we were able to devise a navigation and page plan for what had the potential to be a very overwhelming site. With a clear understanding of our user needs, we went on to design the page layouts as wireframes and the content that would be required for each step of our user journeys. We were part of a hugely energetic team and had by now become personally very vested in the success of the Challenge! With quirky branding provided by Polly Durrant we were more than ready to begin the graphic design of the website pages and this part of the project really flew by.

Graphic design


We developed a colour scheme for each aspect of the challenge that gave the sense of three micro-sites within the challenge and which helped keep our users on track when signing up or seeking out resources. And while we purposefully kept the layouts relatively simple, we introduced flourishes and hand-drawn elements that ensured the site felt fun and reflective of half our user base! Pulling the three sections of the site together was a landing page that's dynamically updated with challenge statistics to keep it fresh and engaging. We ended up with a portfolio of fully responsive website designs that could be implemented by the development team.